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    Cathy Skipper

    Hi everyone, after needing to be clear with ourselves and leave Facebook, it is exciting to be able to reconnect with everyone on a regular basis here.

    I loved the group we had on facebook and I am hoping we can all find that sense of community over here.

    What’s going on for everyone?

    I did a big medicine journey at the weekend and my intention was about my physical traumas around intimacy – I wasn’t expecting the intensity of the information I received. It was very difficult to face and brought up my core wound, the mother wound and left me with a new huge batch of inner work to process. Although its hard and facing the truth is not easy, I am learning that however hard the truth is its better than lies or thinking I did something wrong , which is often the way with trauma.

    sharyn Crawford

    I’m glad your back too. I really admire your decision regarding Facebook and is making me reconsider my position! Look forward to staying connected here with you.


    I’m so glad you have created this forum, as I felt a bit lost without it.

    I am finding that sometimes I am moving with this course and sometimes I go slowly. Sometimes I am eager for the material and other times I feel resistance and I have to slow down and explore the resistance to what you’re offering us. It is such a dance with the material.


    Cathy Skipper

    I hope the monthly zoom meeting will make up for the facebook page xx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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