We intend to add to this list as we gather new information. Please email us your questions at

Circle H – Dedicated to the research, education and promotion of hydrosols.

Run by botanist and distiller Ann Harman, the Circle H Institute houses the only database on hydrosol research and offers education in hydrosol production, chemistry and research.


Aromaweb is an essential oil and aromatherapy resource, the following page gives a list of hydrosols and their uses according to several authors.



The Next Aromatherapy by Suzanne Catty

Includes monographs as well as information and recipes for internal and external.


Harvest to Hydrosol by Ann Harman

Very complete and comprehensive book that takes you in detail through all aspects of hydrosol distilling.



French laboratory specialized in small scale essential oil and hydrosol analyses


Where to buy hydrosols – We only recommend products we are familiar with. We make most of our own hydrosols and are very fussy about quality, which is why the list is short. We will be adding to it as we discover more hydrosols that we really like.


Wildroot Botanicals

Leslie Leckos from wild root botanicals produces beautiful clean and alive hydrosols.


John Steele

John sources high quality hydrosols from all over the world. He does not have a website.

You can email his assistant for a list of what is currently available at