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Plant Sensing and Communication by Richard Karban

This book looks at the way in which plants sense their surroundings, learn and communicate.


Plant Spirit Medicine – The healing Power of Plants by Elliot Cowen

Ancient shamanic practice compelled the magician-healer first to make contact with the spirit of the plant to ask for its help before administering the herbal cure. This practice is alive today in Mexico among the traditional Indian shaman healers-principally the elder Huichol Indian shaman and plant spirit healer Don Guadalupe Gonzales Rios. Elliot Cowan reveals these ancient practices and guides the reader in the effective use of the wild herb plants in the area in which he or she lives. the result is a wonderful psychic and spiritual approach to holistic healing


Plant Spirit Healing by Pam Montgomery

In this book, herbalist Pam Montgomery offers an understanding of the origins of disease and the therapeutic use of plant spirits to bring balance and healing. She offers a practical method of plant communication called ‘The Triple Spiral Path” that integrates heart, soul and spirit.


The Secret Teachings of Plants by Stephen Harold Buhner

This is just one book on this subject by Stephen Buhner. It explores the techniques used by indigenous and Western peoples to learn directly from the plants themselves.


The Lost Language of Plants by Stephen Harold Buhner

Among other things this book contains a lot of information about how plants communicate their healing wisdom to other beings including humans.